This blog is my attempt to document my culinary journey as I cook dishes with and for my wife and friends!

A little bit about myself, My name is BK and I am an Engineer working in the Bay Area. I come from the Southern part of India – the land of suave-looking dosas, pretty idlies, and mouthwatering coconut chutney. I first started cooking when I moved to the US in 2014 for graduate school and I have fallen in love with it since. I met my wife in 2018 and mutual love for good food was something that brought us together. I love cooking food from around the world. While we do love us some spicy South Indian dishes, we also like to experiment with everything from butter chicken to pasta to tacos and burgers. We are moving in a couple of days to the East coast for my wife to join as a resident doctor in Internal Medicine and I am going to be working remotely. Our new kitchen is going to be slightly bigger than our current one and we are looking forward to creating much more good memories with food!